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Hainan Marine Trade Exchange Services Co.,Ltd(hereinafter referred to as the "Company") established on March 27, 2020. It is a wholly-owned strategic platform established by Sanya Central Business District Administration to implement the spirit of President Xi Jinping's speech on April 13 and the master plan of Hainan FTP.

Sanya Central Business District Administration is the management organization of Sanya CBD, one of the 11 major industrial parks that under the Hainan FTP’s plan. It strives to build a modern industrial system dominated by headquarters economy, financial services, modern commerce, cruise ships and yachts, supported by professional services and leisure culture. Based on Hainan’s overall positioning of "Three Districts and One Center" and the relevant requirements of building headquarters economy and central business district, Sanya central business district will be planned as a leading international regional economy headquarters, central business cluster and international tourism consumption center under the guidance of "One City and Three Districts".

As a professional yacht development platform under Sanya Central Commercial District Administration, the company is a professional yacht trading institution published by Hainan Provincial Department of Transport. Adhering to the company concept of "Public trust, Professionalism, Innovation and pragmatism" and follow the principle of "Open, Fair and Justice", the company is committed to standardize boat trading process, maintain fair trading, manage trading information, constantly develop new business model and service field, continuously improve yachting service. Combining its own advantages and characteristics, the company develop yacht assets/related rights trading, financial leasing, financial insurance and other specific support businesses, which offer company members, both parties of boat trading and third party organizations with: transaction verification, price assessment, yacht inspection, financial insurance and other professional services and customized services. Manage exclusive high-quality yacht resources, release yacht transaction price index and develop offshore yacht trading, the team has accumulated more than 30 years experience in the yacht industry. At the same time, by using the Internet and financial tools, the company has explored new business model empowered by "finance + Internet" to accelerate yachting industry’s development and expansion.

The company integrate full yacht trading service model in order to drive and attract yacht relative business, and to achieve yacht trading services tangible and intensive. So far, the company has reached corporation intention with China Classification Society Hainan Branch, Shanghai Shipping Exchange, Economic Policy and Development Strategy Research Center of Chinese Academy of Water Sciences, Ministry of Transport, Hainan Meteorological Bureau and other domestic authorities, to provide one-stop solutions for members. In addition, the United States Shipbuilding Industry Association, France Maritime Cluster and other foreign resources have established contact with the company, which builds a solid foundation to connect with the international yacht market and establish yacht trading data base.

The company is highly engaged in the Hainan Free Trade Port’s development, using international yacht marketing rules as benchmark. Sanya will become a global yacht resource allocation platform, and an international boat information center, trading center and pricing center mainly focus in the Asia-Pacific region,.

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