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With the support of the Sanya Central Business District Administration, HNMTES is committed to expanding financial service innovation through in-depth development of internet and financial tools. Now it has established good cooperation with major financial institutions and domestic financial leasing companies to provide competitive financing solutions tailored for ship owners. By exploring new practices of specific support business such as yacht asset trading and usage rights trading and following international yacht market rules, it is working to build a globalized yacht resources allocation platform to accelerate the healthy development of Hainan yacht industry. 

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Hainan Marine Trade Exchange Service Center:
Room 301, Building 1, Joint Inspection Center of Sanya International Yacht Port, Nanbianhai Road, Tianya, Sanya, Hainan

Sanya International Yachting Center:
No.9 Nanbianhai Road, Sanya Central Business District,Hainan

Phone:+86 898 88222388


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