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Why do international brands join in China Internantional Consumer Products Expo?
Release Time:2021-03-11 17:46:25       Article Source:Hainan International Yacht Trading Co., Ltd.

Hanse Yacht of Germany, FOURWINNS Yacht of America, L'Oreal of France, Swarovski of Austria, Shiseido of Japan, Tesla of America, Swatch of Switzerland, Osborne of Spain, and BLACKMORES of Australia…The promotion of the first session of China International Consumer Products Expo (hereinafter referred to as the Expo) draw to a close, and more than 400 global head brands from more than 50 countries and regions have confirmed their participation. These international well-known brands will appear in the first session of the Expo to display high-quality new products.

The Expo, to be held in Haikou from May 7 to 10, will be hosted by the Ministry of Commerce and the People's Government of Hainan Province, and undertaken by the Foreign Trade Development Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce and Hainan Provincial Bureau of International Economic Development (Hainan IEDB). It will be the first national level exhibition themed consumer products in China.

HNMTES as the official authorized promotion representative of The Expo, sincerely invites friends from the yacht industry all over the world to participate and share the benefits of Hainan FTP.

hotline: 0898 88222388 / 88869896 (8:00-18:00)

Since the full launch of the promotion, The Expo has been rapidly welcomed by the market. World-famous brands have actively participated in, showing the expectation of global investors for the China market and the construction of Hainan FTP.

The following video is from: Hainan Daily

60 seconds to understand the difference of The Expo.

As far as it goes, The Expo will present a lot of highlights.

gathered Famous enterprise shows internalization

The global brands such as Hanse Yacht of Germany, FOURWINNS Yacht of America, Swatch of Switzerland, Swarovski of Austria, L'Oreal, Hennessy, Pernod Richard, Rémy Cointreau of France, Diageo of UK, Shiseido, FANCL, OMRON, KAO of Japan, Tesla, Johnson & Johnson, Coach of America, Osborne of Spain, and BLACKMORES of Australia are confirmed to participate in The Expo. DFS group, the world's leading travel retailer of LVMH group, will bring all kinds of brand products to the exhibition.

Switzerland will be the guest of honor, and more than 10 countries and regions including Japan, France, South Korea, Canada, Ireland and Thailand will participate The Expo.

31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government) and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps will organize a team to participate in The Expo, focusing on the display of local consumer goods and time-honored brands.

High quality products gather together and new products attract the attention

The total exhibition area is 80000㎡, including 60000㎡ of international area, which is divided into five major professional areas: fashion life, jewelry, food&supplements, Sojourn life-style and Hospitality&Professional Service.

In the Sojourn life-style area, Hanse Yacht of Germany, Dell Technology Group, NBA, Jaguar and Land Rover will present their main products.

Hanse Yacht of Germany will launch new products. Some brands will launch customized products of The Expo. Various new product launches will be held by means of promotion, live broadcast, flash, VIP event, etc.

In the fashion life area, many well-known luxury groups around the world will participate with their well-known brands.

Nearly 200 enterprises from many countries have confirmed to join in the jewelry area.  Food&Supplements have more than 150 enterprises to show.

In terms of drinks, well-known brands such as Hennessy, Diageo, Pernod Richard and Rémy Cointreau confirmed their participation. Osborne Group from Spain will bring its national treasure, “ham brand 5J Cinco Jotas”, to The Expo.

Bird's nest from Southeast Asian countries, milk powder from New Zealand, beer from Germany, and Blackmores from Australia will all appear.

The Consumer Products Expo not only provides exhibition and trading opportunities for world-wide consumer products to enter the China market, but also brings goods from different places to all over the world.

———Han Shengjian, director of Hainan IEDB

Why do you come to Hainan to participate in The Expo?

Recently, in Cork Harbor of Ireland, a batch of famous Irish products were loaded into containers and traveled by ship. They are the exhibits of "Irish National Pavilion" of The Expo. The destination of this voyage is Hainan. During The Expo, the "Irish National Pavilion" will bring 13 national brands.

In the view of industry delegates, the holding of The Expo has undertaken the enthusiasm of global investors for China market and actively participate in the construction of Hainan FTP.

With the implementation of polices such as offshore duty-free in Hainan Islands, increasingly global enterprises pay attention to Hainan FTP, hoping to get into the construction of Hainan FTP.

Irish exhibitors said since The Expo is the first national level exhibition themed consumer products, it will certainly become an international well-known professional top quality Consumer Products exhibition and a highlight of Hainan FTP. Moreover, the duty-free policy of The Expo is very attractive.

duty-free is a key point for attracting exhibitors and consumers of The Expo. On June 1 2020, “Master Plan for the Construction of Hainan Free Trade Port” was announced. It is clearly proposed in the plan that The Expo shall be held, and the exhibits traded on The Expo will enjoy duty-free and tax refund during the exhibition period.

Considerable exhibitors pay more attention to the business opportunities of the China market and Hainan FTP, and look forward to achieving greater progress with the power of The Expo.

Bernardino Regazzoni, the Swiss ambassador to China said, The Expo will be a grand event for Switzerland. It is a great honor for Switzerland to be the guest of honor for the first session, which is a witness of the friendship between China and Switzerland.

The Expo is very important for global enterprises, which shows the rapid construction of Hainan FTP and accelerated integration into the world economy of China.

The relevant person in charge of Kao Group said, Hainan FTP is a very important market. Kao Group will make full use of The Expo to launch its flagship high-end skin care brand SENSAI, EST and FUTURE SKIN by Fine Fiber Technology.

Yann Bozec, Asia Pacific president of Tapestry Group, said, Tapestry Group will take the new products of Coach, Kate Spade and Stuart Weiztman to participate The Expo.

The Expo is an ideal platform for global high-end brands to enter the China market, understand the favorable policies of Hainan FTP, and partner domestic purchasing agents.

Tapestry has already laid out its business in Hainan market. In the next step, it will plan to upgrade its strategic layout in combination with the latest policies of Hainan FTP.

Some of the exhibitors will hold the "first launch, first exhibition" , while others will open "First Store in China" in Hainan.

Japanese boutique brand TAKUMI will join hands with Kikunoi, a century old famous Japanese restaurant of Kaiseki cuisine in Kyoto, to participate in The Expo. In addition, they will also bring " Mugesambousarondomuge " with its cooked food in vacuum, processed food, tableware and other commodities to China for the first time. The first "Mugesambousarondomuge" store will be settled in Hainan.

"Hainan FTP is a very important market. We will make full use of The Expo to show the charm of Japanese made products to Chinese consumers. Meanwhile, we will open stores in Hainan to meet of Chinese consumers. ” Hideki Hirayama, managing director of TAKUMI introduced.

According to the feedback, many exhibitors are ready to further deepen investment and trade cooperation with Hainan through The Expo. This requires Hainan to make further efforts in connecting different parties, tap cooperation potential and expand exhibition benefits.

Paris fashion giant Galeries Lafayette Haussmann decided to participate The Expo. Nicolas Houzé, chief executive of Galeries Lafayette Haussmann, said that in order to bring the unique fashion experience and French lifestyle of Galeries Lafayette Haussmann to more Chinese consumers, the group would open eight stores in China by 2025.

Tao Lin, global vice president of Tesla, said that The Expo would be the embodiment of the phased achievements in the construction of Hainan FTP, and Tesla would attach great importance to The Expo. Since 2020, Tesla has accelerated the layout in Hainan FTP and made a breakthrough. He hopes that the two sides will maintain friendly interaction, deepen cooperation and exchanges, give full play to their respective advantages, and promote cooperation to achieve greater results.

Holding The Expo is an important measure to serve the construction of a new development pattern, to smooth the domestic circulation, promote the domestic&international circulation, and to accelerate the construction of Hainan FTP.

We will make solid progress in the preparatory work, benchmark the international first-class exhibition, and run the first session with high standards and high quality.

———Han Shengjian, director of Hainan IEDB

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